Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Next Step Beyond the Macro Recorder in VBA Programming

I’ve been waiting for this article to get posted (not that they took too long). 2015 was a crazy year with two new books – I pushed myself beyond my limits and needed some major downtime. But out of these two new books, I’ve finally come up with some fodder for my blog. YAY!

To start – the article is on VBA Programming – a few tips for the beginner, a few tips for intermediate and some for the experienced programmer who’s looking for the next level. It ties in nicely with the new VBA book.

The second new book deals with using Excel. It’s aimed at the beginner, but really, is for anyone looking to figure out how to use a tool in Excel 2016. I was so excited when Que offered me this chance because the book has *color* pictures! This book is a step by step help file.
By the time I was done with it, I had to start trimming things out. I was so disappointed, especially since, about a month ago, I was grabbing my copy to look up something I just knew I had written the steps for. Then realized they ended up on the cutting room floor. Which made me realize – if *I* was looking for the information – so would other people. A few emails with my acquisitions editor – and I can post some of the missing material.